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When we were ready to remodel the kitchen, it was not only important that the new design suit our needs, but also the kitchen suit the house. Our kitchen exemplifies what we want our house to say. It’s not just a working kitchen, but a ‘visiting kitchen.’ It invites people to come in and sit down.

I enjoy cooking and we do a great deal of entertaining. The increased amount of cupboard and work space has made such a difference. And the work area makes cooking so easy – everything is at my fingertips.

Because the kitchen is such a central part of our lifestyle, it was important that there was plenty of work space, a place for the children to play and store their toys, and places for people to sit and talk. The design accomplishes all of these things and will continue to meet our needs as our family grows older.

The kitchen seems a natural part of the house. People we have entertained who did not see the kitchen prior to its remodeling think that’s the way it has always looked. The hallway that Encore also remodeled helps the kitchen flow naturally with the rest of the house. We couldn’t be more pleased.

“It’s a room we can live in, entertain in, and thoroughly enjoy!”

RE: Remodeling – Master Bath

Dear Mort:

In the business world, we are always ready to complain if things are not satisfactory, but we never take the time to give compliments when they are deserved. Greg and I want you and your staff to know how very pleased we are with our completely renovated master bathroom.

Your design and the additional suggestions that you made as the work progressed were most appreciated.

Your employees were polite, trustworthy, and, most important of all, good craftsmen. In today’s society, it is hard to find people who take pride in their work. Your workers exemplify what consumers expect but do not always get when having any kind of remodeling done. It was also a pleasure for me to be able to go home from work each day and never once have to clean up after your workers. They always left everything spotless. I really appreciate that.

The finished room turned out better than Greg or I ever imagined. You turned a dreary, dark, cramped room into a bright, beautiful, spacious one.

You can be sure that we will consider your firm for any future remodeling projects.

Lastly, I can only add that the ultimate compliment that we can pay to you and your staff is this. The first thing we say to everyone who comes to see us is, ‘You must see our new bathroom!’

Dear Mort:

Thank you so much for designing and building a great family room for us. I cannot imagine having a better building experience. Your planning, suggestions, and follow through were not only wonderful, but appropriate for our needs and lifestyle.

Please extend our appreciation and thanks to everyone involved – especially Marlene, Kenny, Ben, Mike, Trent, Wayne, and Andy. This project certainly made the LONG days of winter pass by quickly!

Thank you so very much.